a nsfw blog so obviously it's gonna be really not safe for work!!!!


I love my socks c:

its reached that really weird “its been a year” stage and i feel like he’s getting tired of me and more annoyed with me and im so scared????? im finally becoming extremely comfortable with you , you cant just drop off on me. i need a warning. a nice email like “hey im losing interest the next few weeks are gonna be awkward and then our conversations/interactions will taper off to nothing before i start college” bluh :c 


Hi my name is Erika c: HOLLY IS THE CUTEST THING like ahhhh<33333 She’s my bestest friend and she’s in the shower right now oolala so her tumblr is in my hands. ive had suuuuuuuch a good day with her today!!! I gave her a super cute big red lipstick kiss on her cheek when we went to lunch c: She had to walk allll around with it ^-^ and then we dyed our hair!!!! it looks so good :D And tomorroowwwww we’ll be going to Warped Tour and looking like hella cuties oh yeah


Look at my cute new underwear ^-^
They make my butt look faaaab

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